03 April, 2014

Was VK9MT on air the top band?

Hi all 

Yesterday I went home at 2000 local time. After eat the dinner. I started watch the JT65 mode on 15m band.
The 15m band condition was very good. The heavy and strong wind was stopped last night. So I clank up the my tower and antenna direction beaming to Europe.
Am lot of signal displayed in wsjtx screen. The band was opened for deep side the Europe. I found a few G stations.
There signal was -23dB, but print was no problem. Therefore, I called there soon.
But each stations can not return to me. Almost return to same European side.
I just 30 minutes operated on JT65 mode. I contacted to some stations for the Europe. Maybe more operate will get more station. But I had something to do. So after that, I QRT.
Before watch the 15m, I also watch the 20m a looking for US station. However never found that.

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