08 May, 2014


Actually now off season on the band. But still operate the petition. Therefore some station try to top band operation.
This season, some JA stations move to Ogasawara Island and QRV to JD1 pfx. 
Yesterday also JD1YBT was active QRV on top band. Of cause there were near place from JA. So very strong.
In this season if DX signal heard almost South East Asia and near Pacific area too.

02 May, 2014

Actually off season

Hi all
I still hear the top band every day. However, the top season was closed.
Sometimes heard the South Eastan Asia. That was DU. Another station can not hear.
Of cause sometimes called CQDX for Asian station. But no return to answer for their.
The next DX expedition will no plan. 
So stop the watch is better.

So everyone see you next season.